About Sofo Insights

A small team based in Switzerland and connected to partners all around the world.

Dimitri, co-founder and Managing Partner of Sofo Insights earned a strong expertise in informatics and digital businesses. His extended experience with web-based startups helped him be a Globe Trotter, leading him from Switzerland to Canada, then Colombia, and coming back to Switzerland in 2020.

Andy, Sofo Insights's co-founder has a very long experience in commercial management. He founded a sales & negotiation consulting and training company in 2009. Ever since, he's been committed to learning more about the human aspects and the challenges to enable a change in behaviours. This has served him well in all kind of contexts, from professional training, all the way to transition & change consulting.

By combining the skills and experience of both founders, Sofo Insights brings great expertise to both its partners and clients. Humans being the main factor for performance in organisation, we wanted to share our knowledge of the most modern development tools, while having enough perspective regarding the human being.

As an Authorised DISC Flow® Distributor, we gave ourselves the mission to spread a new tool combining Emotional Intelligence and the better known DISC.

This new tool, named DISC Flow®, was developed by The Profiles Group Ltd, a UK-based company.

To this day, our distribution network is present in the United Kingdom, in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Together, we act for the improvement of interpersonal relationships thanks to a better self-understanding, and an improved attention to others.

We work as consultants for companies and organisations, and we also train facilitators who wish to use our tools in their own context.

We look forward to exploring with you how we can best collaborate.

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