Free DISC Assessment

How do I know my Personality Type?

Use this free DISC assessment to receive a quick estimate of your personality and your strengths. By answering no more than 8 questions, you will receive enough information to be surprised and willing to find out more! Our DISC assessment is free and does not require you to register.

This free DISC assessment offers a preview. In its full version, it is used by Human Resources and Talent Development profesionals. Answer the questions below to know your personality according to the DISC model.

Free DISC assessment

How do you perform DISC assessment?

For each statement, you have 4 choices. Select the one describing the most likely behaviour you'd adopt, and the one describing the least likely behaviour.

When you tackle an issue, you ...

the most

the least

Take time to make it right.

Are cooperative and systematic.

Want quick results.

Involve others.

What are the 4 DISC personality types?

  • Type D - Dominance
    • Competitive, determined and self-assured personality
    • Motivation: reach the goals
    • Fear: give away control
  • Type I - Influence
    • Enthusiastic, sociable and optimistic personality
    • Motivation: social recognition
    • Fear: social rejection
  • Type S - Steadiness
    • Collaborative, agreeable and dependable personality
    • Motivation: status quo
    • Fear: sudden, unpredictable change
  • Type C - Compliance
    • Analytic, conscientious and accurate personality
    • Motivation: precision and quality
    • Fear: negative criticism

After you complete this free DISC assessment, you will receive insights about your predominant type, among the 4 basic personality types. You will then be able to receive an extended report afterwards if you wish so.

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How does DISC profile work?

The DISC model distinguishes between 4 basic personality types. The result is based on a self-assessment, in which the respondent qualifies statements about their behaviour. It is important to remember that with the DISC method, no type is better than another, and even though each individual usually shows one or two prevailing types, we are all a blend of all 4 personality styles.